29 Jul 2012

A lakeside walk

Cottages at Sonning Eye

On the opposite, north bank to Sonning Village is an islet in the Thames known as Sonning Eye. They're linked by an historic brick-arched bridge.  In fact, half-way across the bridge marks the border between the counties of Oxfordshire and Berkshire.  The islet is a conservation area with some protected cottages, barns and an 18th century watermill which has been converted into a small dinner theatre.

Sonning Eye is surrounded by a nature reserve and the river backwaters join several lakes (Caversham Lakes) that have been formed by reclaiming unused gravel pits.  In particular, there's a training rowing lake named the Redgrave-Pincent Rowing Lake after the Olympian oarsmen, (Sir) Steve Redgrave and (Sir) Matthew Pincent who, of course, are associated with the area where this competitive water sport is strong with annual Regattas taking place in Sonning and Henley.  There's also a Marina, a sailing lake and a stretch used for water skiing.

It's also a popular place for birdwatching and walking and during last weekend we wandered around
one of the lakes.  We were pleased to find that the banks and paths were accessible as they have been flooded in recent months due to the continual rain.

a Wild Wood - we didn't see Ratty, Mole or Badger!


  1. so beautiful, i love the little bridge and the swans hiding in the leaves and the water lilies. a place i could spend days snapping

  2. I just read the previous post also and immensely enjoyed the quotes and the photos. That keeper has a fantastic home and I hope he enjoys his job---I would think the benefits of that beautiful place would overcome any stress from the job!
    Then this post enchanted me. I esp. liked the photo of the reeds on the edge of the lake/river and the view across to a home and a golden field in the distance. That seemed the ideal spot for the threesome you mentioned!:>)
    Then I was awestruck by the bird one followed by the vibrant pink flowers on the lily pads. Wow! That photography class was a roaring success for you! I must keep an eye open for any around here!
    How nice that your grandson is getting an oportunity to serve and thus meet some of the Olympians (in your previous post)!

  3. I can almost feel the water in the photo with the swan. Such a beautiful place.