18 Jun 2012

Practising new skills!

I enjoy taking photographs and have been inspired by the images produced by other enthusiasts.  I joined a photography course earlier in the year and had a lot of fun in the workshops.  I learnt some new skills with my small digital camera and was encouraged to look at a subject with an eye for an unusual composition.

I do admire photographers that can sit for hours waiting to take a few shots of an elusive animal and produce some stunning images as a result, so this is my latest challenge! However, plenty of time and patience are important when it comes to taking moving creatures!

Here are some photos of the foxgloves that have multiplied rapidly in the garden that were grown from seed. They were supposed to be mainly white, but it's not surprising that a lot of the ordinary pink ones took over instead.  However, they do create a certain 'cottage garden' look to the border.

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  1. Beautiful - you really are getting good with that camera!