18 Sep 2017

Our time in Italy (2) Making gnocchi

Our granddaughter wanted to make some gnocchi with my husband for the last evening meal before she and the rest of the family went home.  It's quite an enjoyable process making the dough combining the mashed potato with the special 00 flour, but the right combination is needed so that the pieces of gnocchi are not heavy. 

The dough is rolled into long strips before being cut into small pieces.

An indentation is made in each piece which means that some of the tomato sauce
fills it.

The pieces of gnocchi do not take long to cook in salted boiling water.  When they rise to the surface they're cooked, are drained and then ready to dish out. Our daughter made two types of tomato sauce, one meatless and one with stewing beef.

This last weekend has been quite an emotional one for many students who are going to university for the first time.  It was also our granddaughter's birthday and as well as celebrating her birthday Mr P and I, together with our daughter,  loaded up our two cars with our granddaughter's belongings and went with her to settle her into her new Halls of Residence in a gated complex of modern flats near her university.  She's now over two hours away by car, but she did well in her exams and got her first choice of university where she'll be studying for a degree in Psychology.  We're a close family so we shall miss one another, but we're pleased for her that her hard work has brought her to this new phase of her life. We're sure she'll settle in her new surroundings in a different city and hopefully enjoy her studies.   

I'm still having problems with my internet connection.  The connection keeps going on an off and it's been like it for nearly a week.  My internet provider has said that the problem should be completely resolved today. I'm doubtful, but in the meantime I'm writing and posting when I can.  Thank you in advance for your interest, for visiting and for leaving comments.  I'm moderating comments so they won't appear straight away when I can't access Blogger if the connection goes off again.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

As always, wishing you a good day!