16 May 2017

Floral Bliss #21

Walking around our neighbourhood, park and woods all these photos were taken
in the last two weeks.

I've been reading about how intrepid plant collectors brought back specimens and seeds from far off places to grace the gardens of wealthy patrons and how these beautiful shrubs and trees have become familiar features of our present landscape as they grow in public parks, green spaces and our own smaller plots of land.  I shall, for example, look at the horse chestnut with its Springtime beautiful candle-like flowers and the seeds that we see on the ground in autumn in a different light. 



horse chestnut tree


 a mauve aquilegia (columbine) growing between other border plants

I shall continue to give thanks that our ancient woodlands are still there and left unspoilt so that we can see wild flowers such as the bluebell as the flowering season comes around each year.

Joining in Floral Bliss.
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12 May 2017

Five on Friday

The weather has been warmer in the last few days and it was a good opportunity yesterday to take a walk in Ecclesall Wood.  This ancient woodland near where we live covers many acres of mature trees. It's managed by the city council for the benefit of wildlife and as there are public footpaths running through the woods it's a popular place to walk.  It's also well known for the native English bluebells that bloom there in early May and fortunately they're looking at their best right now.

Thank you for your kind comments left on my last few blogs. My husband and I are feeling a lot better after being under-the-weather for a week or two. It was very cold when we walked around Buxton and possibly my husband caught a chill and then passed his cold and cough on to me as often happens. I'm also doing quite well after last year's major health issue. An experience like that has made me appreciate life even more. In the hope that Mr. P and I continue to stay well we're planning a trip to Italy during the Summer. Our daughters and two grandchildren will be joining us for some of the time.  We haven't been to Italy with them for quite a few years and we're looking forward to the Summer holiday.  I hope all is going well with you and if not I hope that things get better in the near future.
Wishing you a good day,
Linda :)

I'm joining the Weekly Meetup for Five on Friday
hosted by Tricky and Carly.  Thank you both
for arranging the linkup.