24 Jun 2017

Tideswell Church, Derbyshire

Continuing from my visit to Tideswell on Festival Day........

We went into the church to have a look at the exhibition organised by local groups. English parish churches are regarded as a place of welcome for everyone in the local community where people can get together to organise the annual festival within the building and grounds. This often occurs in the Summer or the Autumn or to coincide with a patron saint's day to which the church is dedicated. 

Many people were visiting the exhibition located in the side aisles of the church and in some of the other side areas leading off from the nave. There were displays by the joiners and woodworkers, the knitters of clothing for charity, the local beekeepers, the needleworkers and craft workers, the tourism industry groups who bring well-being through leisurely pursuits such as navigation skills, cycling, guided walks into the Peak District, the transportation businesses who take folk on coach trips, get others to work and school and transport goods for traders and the quarrying industry and also those who represented the building, plumbing and general construction industry in the area. The young school children had done a project called 'My House' and their drawings were also on display.  I picked up a prayer leaflet to do a prayer walk around the church as I looked at the exhibits on show.  The church has many examples of its age that can be seen and admired in the beautifully crafted architectural features.

The table was used by the Headmasters of Tideswell School

The Lady Chapel is set aside for quiet contemplation and prayer. Visitors could write on a card and place it on the prayer tree. I continually think about the recent tragedies that have occurred in our country and the ongoing trauma to many families and individuals in London and Manchester as well as other heartbreaking situations around the world.

My laptop problems continue although turning off the static big screen attached to it seems to have helped a little, but that means that I have to get used to the smaller screen on the laptop again. I decided to post this blog today after working on the preparation of the photos. I've also had a longstanding and frustrating problem with uploading and getting the right size for Blogger. I'm learning on my own and my husband doesn't get involved with the computer. I shall now join him outside in the garden and take a rest from desk work!
I hope to catch up with you soon. Wishing you a good day,
Linda :)