7 Jul 2017

Five on Friday

Hello everyone!  I hope that you've had a good week.  As it's Friday here is my blog post for Five on Friday hosted by F.A.S.T.blog. This week I'm sharing some collages made up of photos taken in Italy earlier in the year in March except for the photo of the butterfly on the scabia flower which was taken at a different time (during August).
However, I'm starting with one of the latest lot of flowers in our front garden, the pink jasmine hedge, some new 'Joie de Vivre' rose bushes that were grown from cuttings and the lovely lavender.

In March some one had not collected the oranges on this tree!  I've put the image with the one of the butterfly.  It's amazing to see so many creatures, butterflies, bees, lizards and crickets, but then in Italy the weather is warm during the day even in the early months of the year.  Our home is sheltered yet still on the mountain slopes of the region.

A local town always looks attractive with the planters in the public areas planted up with seasonal flowers. The bushes of rosemary and bottle bush were also in flower.

Thank you Tricky and Carly for hosting

As always thank you for your visits to my blog and for your kind comments. I'm keeping well as is my husband, but now I'm taking a blogging break.
Wishing you a good Summer,
Linda :)