22 Jul 2018

A walk along the canal

After a morning at my meeting listening to oncology health professionals and then socialising with members of our group and volunteers over lunch I felt in need of a walk along the canal towpath as I wanted to find a particular industrial building that is now a centre for a charity that supports the homeless.  

The swing bridge is interesting as you can see the runners on which it moves and just as I was coming out of the offices a narrow boat that had been moored overnight was getting ready to leave so I stopped to watch the mechanism in action activated by one of the people that had been on board.

The narrow boat stopped again at another mooring just by one of the old buildings, the former Sheaf Works, which is now standing empty perhaps waiting for a company to convert it for its needs.

You can walk along by the canal for several miles, going under viaducts and bridges and passing former industrial buildings.  There are static moorings and yards where narrow boats are being restored so the canal and environs continues to be in use today as well as reflecting the heritage of past times. 

From the canal towpath a footpath under one of the viaducts leads into Blast Lane, the name reflecting its past as a place where blast furnaces would have been used in the heavy industry of the area and then into another street where a former mid 19th century cutlery works, an extension of the one on the other side of the  canal, the Sheaf Works, now houses workshops and a second hand store which sells furniture, vintage clothing and other items for the Emmaus charity.  

You can read more about how the Emmaus Community and support network started in France here  and also how it was brought to the UK.

I could have spent a long time browsing in the different areas of the store and there's also a small refreshment area, a play shed with toys for the children and, of course, Ralph and Rodney, two pygmy goats.  I needed to walk back to the place where Mr P was going to pick me up in the car instead of me walking into the city to catch a tram or bus. 

  murals of horses heads on two old brick walls      

access to Victoria Quays Sheffield Canal Basin
 through one of the old railway arches

Merchants' Crescent -  a terrace of coal merchants' houses

A 'Le Tour de France' display in the Terminal Warehouse which has been
converted into apartments and also is used for small business enterprises.

The Terminal Warehouse - where my walk ended.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend!