Saturday, 26 July 2014

Just calling by to say 'Hello'

Hydrangea and English lavender - a corner of the front garden - July

Hello everyone!  I hope your recent days have been good ones.
I'm taking this opportunity to drop by after a time spent with family and friends in and around my home county of Berkshire and other places in the south of England before another busy time here in Yorkshire. We shall be helping our daughter prepare for a house move and then our Berkshire daughter will be coming to stay next month so this is a note to share what we've been up to during our time away and hopefully post some photos over the coming weeks.
In Berkshire we spent quite a lot of time walking and sitting by the River Thames, celebrated our daughter's birthday at a Sardinian restaurant in town, went to a niece's wedding and were reunited with my husband's sister and her husband who had come over from Italy to see their daughter get married and  then we went to Salisbury in Wiltshire to attend a leaving party for grandson no 2 who is going to Melbourne, Australia for a year. There we met up with more family and friends. We haven't seen them for some time so that was also a pleasure.

When we travel down to Berkshire we usually take a break in south Oxfordshire.

Cookley Green, S. Oxfordshire

This time we stopped at a garden centre in that area which specialises in herbs and local produce. There's also a maze in the grounds which I haven't seen for some time. The beech hedges are now well established and I successfully got to the raised area in the centre.  However, it wasn't so easy to get back through the winding paths to the entrance. They're not straight as the design, based on a Saxon motif, is a complicated one. Mr. Gardener was looking at the plants in the garden centre so it didn't matter that I had been gone for some time before joining him there! After browsing around we bought a Thai basil plant and some pots of special fruit preserves.

The Maze - viewed from the raised centre.  It's difficult to photograph the pathways clearly unless you have a bird's eye view.
The Maze - raised area.

The Orangery Coffee Shop and Tea Garden

How about this for a garden seat if you have the space in your garden?!  I should think it's made from one piece of wood.

Our elder daughter's courtyard garden

Our elder daughter's town house courtyard garden is always a delight to see and spend time in when we stay with her.  Her school term hadn't finished and as I used to teach in the school where she works as an assistant teacher, I was invited there to have a look around. She helps the children grow plants in the playground and lawned garden area and do related art and craft work so it was very special visit.

Well, this is all my news for now.  I'm looking forward to catching up with your news in between activities at home and in the garden.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll speak to you soon.
Linda :)