Friday, 27 March 2015

Festa della Donna (International Women's Day) and a day out

March 8th is International Women's Day when a mutual bond as women is expressed and celebrated.  On this day, La Festa Della Donna, there's been a custom for many decades in Italy of giving a bouquet of mimosa as a sign of respect and solidarity as well as remembering and pledging support for women worldwide who are living in oppressive societies and/or experiencing difficult working conditions.
The mimosa (acacia dealbata) was chosen because the flowers are out in early March and, therefore, easy to gather and give as a gesture of friendship on this day.

On a beautiful sunny day we went for a drive to the local town of Isola del Liri. As the name suggests, Isola del Liri is surrounded by the water of the River Liri so that it's a town on an island. (More pictures of our walk around the town another time). After a walk and a coffee we came back to our village for a lunch at Caio Mario Hotel and Restaurant.