Friday, 5 February 2016

Five on Friday

It's Friday again and also the first week of February!  Once again I'm joining Amy at Love Made My Home for Five On Friday and this week I'm writing about moments that made up my week. Often I find it difficult to choose just five photos so I've created some collages for some of the five categories.

1.  Bird Watch

On Sunday I participated in the RSPB bird watch and count which I did by viewing through our back window.  It was a very wet and windy day and the birds (sparrows, blackbirds, magpies and pigeons) that I observed were mostly huddled in the bushes or trees.

2.  Weather

On Monday the weather was a bit brighter, but by Wednesday we had more rain, sleety snow and ice. Fortunately the pot plants that will be transferred to the flower beds later on are in the covered yard. In the raised beds in the veggie plot there are greens including sprouting broccoli which will be a useful way to add some vitamins to our diet when planning meals for ourselves or the family when they're visiting.  Cold weather means cooking some hearty, warming meals such as cottage pie.

3.   Family

Our oldest grandson (the one holding the youngest grandchild in the above photo) and now in his late twenties, has moved to the county for work and stays over, depending on his work duties, at the moment.  Now we see three of our grandchildren regularly and although we're busy we enjoy their company.

4.  Out and about

During most weeks I meet up with a friend or go to one of the meetings for seniors at our church where we might listen to a speaker or watch a DVD on a big screen followed by refreshments. The Victoria sponge cake in the above photo was made by the husband of one of our group members. We get a good number come and we all enjoy the social occasions, the tea and a small slice of home made cake (see No 5. below re. maintaining a healthy heart)! Exercise is one way and a balanced diet another, I would say. Something I'm working on, especially the exercise!

5. Other interests

I have several books from the library that I hope to read during February.  I found two Marina Fiorato historical novels and as I've enjoyed others by this writer I 'm sure they'll be page turners. The Venetian Contract is set in 16th century Venice during the 1570s plague years, but the story begins in Constantinople (Ottoman Year 983) .  The Doge of Venice promises to build a new church if the terrible plague ends in the city. He commissions the architect Andrea Palladio for this work and chooses a site on the island of Guidecca where La Chiesa Del Santissimi Del Redentore will be built on the ruins of the Santa Croce convent.

I've taken up my knitting needles and have knitted a scarf.  Red is a colour that we associate with February for different reasons and I didn't have a red woolly scarf.  Today is Wear Something Red Day which is a way of raising awareness of maintaining a healthy heart and to support projects to help us do that.  Wearing my new scarf  I'm going out now to take a short walk around the neighbourhood!  It's a dry, but cold day so I shall be glad of  it.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last blog post. Have a good weekend!
Linda :)