Monday, 30 May 2016

May moments

May is almost over and today I've the opportunity to sit quietly for a while and think of the many happy moments that made this particular month a good and memorable one. Here are some that I give thanks for.......
I'm grateful and give thanks for my eyesight that allows me to see the beauty around me especially in nature.  It's been a good month for flowers. In particular I looked to see if the buds of the lily-of-the-valley (my birthday flower) were open. The plants were in a pot and given to me by a daughter a couple of years They were transferred last year into a raised bed by the sitting out area. I didn't mind if they multiplied there, but now they're back in a pot indoors as like many of the tender plants in the garden the buds are being munched up by some Nasty Creature. Of all the plants in the garden that flower at this time of the year in this part of the world I'm being rather protective of my lily-of-the valley.

Birthday moments
I'm thankful to be a year older and well although I don't take my health for granted. I'm grateful for medical care that we receive.  I have a recall at the hospital this week after going for a routine screening and although apprehensive I'm hoping that it's nothing to worry about. I'm also grateful for a wonderful husband - a patient one who's happy to take me on outings. Actually we do enjoy these times together even if it's only a short drive in the countryside.
I had a lovely birthday.  It didn't matter that rain stopped play with regard to spending time out of doors with our daughter and grandchildren, but we did have a lovely lunch and tea together and I had some wonderful gifts from all the children and grandchildren, too many to include here.

 Gifts -  a mug and and two plates with a cherry blossom design from grandchildren

More birthday gifts. There are some good recipes in this cook book, some variations on those I already know and many new ideas to try on the family.

Books from my Daughter-in-law who knows what I particularly enjoy reading.

An enjoyable meeting
It was lovely to spend a few hours with Marilyn and her husband in York.  We had such a good time chatting over lunch and then looking around the nearby Museum Gardens.  I give thanks that we met and can continue our friendship through the wonders of the internet and the blogging experience. 

Marilyn gave me this lovely porcelain ornament made by Margaret Furlong, an Oregon artist. It's exquisite in every little detail and I shall treasure this beautiful gift from a delightful lady.
Here are some more photos of the gardens in York where we wandered and spent such a happy time together.

This area within the walls of what was once a small part of the grounds of  St. Mary's Abbey has been created as a garden for edible plants. There are entrances on a main street in Marygate and another leads into the rest of the Museum Gardens.

Hovenia dulcis Japanese raisin tree
Szechwan pepper (edible seeds)

Swiss chard

By midday the sun really began to shine which explains the blue skies in these later photos.

The fruit or 'grapes' of the mahonia aquiflorium.The mahonia aquifolium is the state flower of Oregon and an appropriate way to end this post. It was just after seeing this that we had to say goodbye to Marilyn and her husband, make our way to the car park near the river in Marygate and go back home. There were days of sunshine in May and I'm thankful that our day in York was one of them

I hope to catch up with all of you soon.
Wishing you a good day and a good rest of the week,