Friday, 22 July 2016

Five on Friday

Joining Amy for the Five on Friday link-up, I'm sharing some photo images taken this week when Mr. P. and I travelled to Derby to have a look around Derby Museum and Art Gallery. (This was my first long outing for quite a few weeks, but Derby is only just over an hour away from where we live travelling by car so it was manageable).  There's an open art exhibition on until 25th September called Everyone - Your Place In The World which we wanted to see as our daughter-in-law and some other artists that we know have their work on display.

I liked the way the artwork had been hung according to themes and colour, had been done by artists of all ages and demonstrated so much creative talent.

I particularly liked the artwork above because of the colours.

We also looked around some of the other galleries. One of them had a display of eclectic items inspired by the natural world. An information note said ........"figures of fierce lions to delicate depictions of butterflies the animal and insect world has been a rich source of inspiration for these objects"........

Beautiful 19th century ceramics such as delicate porcelain and quirky stoneware figurines were on display.

An interesting cameo brooch caught my eye. Next to it was a display of carved stone flowers and birds that were ready for inlaying into Ashford-in-the-Water black marble then made into items of jewelry at the workshop in this Derbyshire village.

There's so much to see in the Derby Museum and Art Gallery and as it was such a quick visit I hope that we shall be able to return some time to see the other important collections on display there.

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Wishing you a good weekend,
Linda :)